Saturday, June 20, 2009


He left for IRAQ with warm hugs and kisses we’d part
When he came back home in a casket it broke my heart
Everyone says it will get better I know how you feel
Yet this feeling of emptiness inside of me is something very real

We had our entire life planned our future was looking bright
Now I must settle with this loneliness and live many sleepless nights
We grew up together and attended the same high school
He left for war and now his absence is harsh senseless and cruel

I still recall the first time we kissed, and the first date we ever had
Losing John is something senseless and leaves me feeling sad
He was such the gentleman he’d open my car door seat me in just right
When he brought me home from dates he’d hold me closely very tight

Nobody can relate to the true relationship we shared so close
Everything about our love for each other was tender and the most
He bought my engagement ring with pains he’d pick the one I like
Even though he’s gone now, I’ll wear it morning, day and night

The place where he is buried is filled with honor military style
His death for me is filled with “Pain” and for me a lonely trial
I’ll never get over his death he was taken so suddenly away
Everything we had planned is now gone yet my love shall never stray!

© Copyrighted June 7, 2009 By: Michael Rayford Powell
Dedicated to: War, Death and Love Taken Away

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  1. This is a sad write my friend, but I surely understand why...A love that can only be felt this deeply by the one that loved in return... Sandy