Wednesday, June 3, 2009



There’s no way to describe the “Sorrow” one must feel
To lose someone held closely killed on a battlefield
The personal affects worn or used by one so close
Touches a heart in all the intimate places cherished the most

Nobody can understand the grief held in a woman’s heart
The news of losing a husband, father now we’re torn apart
Their child is not old enough to understand daddy’s not coming home
While a wife, mother must spend many day and night now all alone

The life lived upon this earth was a challenge in just itself
Losing someone cherished leaves belongings now hanging on a shelf
Personal sentiments held deep within a heart never leaving behind
Now comes the personal struggle of surviving a loss that feels so blind

What does a mother, wife do when she is suddenly to face life alone?
Trying to explain to her child daddy’s gone once the child is grown
This opens up a new avenue of concern in choices a child must make
Growing up without daddy as a hero life his soul somehow did take

“Sorrow” brings on a new dimension of sadness in a woman’s life
She kept the home fires burning and busied herself in being a wife
She’s usually a wife and mother to a child that waits for Dad
“Sorrow” is a type of grief hard to live with makes one very sad!

© Copyrighted June 2, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: The Loss of a Soldier, Father and Husband


  1. This is heart tugging, to say the least Mike... You know how to touch the most inward seams....