Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Your Birthday

Today is your birthday Tis such a lovely thought
There’s nothing quite like you and all the fun you brought
God had a special reason in allowing you to be born
Your birth would bring such happiness removing all the scorn

How does anyone ever say to an Angel such as you?
How much you’re appreciated and loved without further ado
Everytime you smile emptiness and sadness goes away
Having you around to offer care enhances our everyday

There are no words to describe the many things for others you do
You’re presence is felt so deeply you are an Angel through and through
Each time I hear your voice in song or either in praise
I get this special feeling of the Holy Spirit it puts me in a daze

God knows you have the special gift of worship and ministry too
It warms my heart to hear you preach, I’m thankful God made you
I know you could never have known the many ways God would use you
But I’m thankful he allowed your birth it’s a blessing that is true

“It’s Your Birthday” a day that is unlike all the rest
You have such a beautiful way with words to me you are the best
It’s hard to believe a woman as beautiful as you truly are
Could ever cook the most delicious food, as to me you are a star

So, before this day gets away from us, I’d feel honored just to say
I’m thankful God gave you life and blessed us with your birthday
Please don’t ever think that you are not appreciated very much
As Laura Powell you’re something else you have a magic touch!

© Copyrighted June 17, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: Laura Powell, June 17, 2009


  1. This, too, is so beautiful about someone that you apparently care so very much about... You have a way with words Mike.....

  2. What a Blessing and Honor it is to Know Such a GOD Loving, Fearing Man Who Has Been Blessed with The Gift of Communication, Thank You My Brother For Sharing Your Feelings, May GOD Bless Your and Your Family Always. Tom