Saturday, June 26, 2010

His Journey’s Just Begun

Anthony, you weren’t born as a leader on a football field
Although you became developed to lead without any yield
At Oneonta High School you broke and set records high
Those records shall remain here although you’re in the sky

Scholarships and awards became portions of your hall of fame
Your number five shall always be remembered you sparked a flame
You burned into the souls and hearts of those that know you well
Your life a martyr among those that played with you stories they’ll tell

Your perseverance/dedication in All State and District honors earned
Shall stand as a beacon in the hearts of many as they learned
Your character and classroom studies became your honor roll
Academically you stood out with high marks never will remain untold

In 2009 you were a part of the Inaugural Football Team, no mystery
You were credited with the very first tackle a part of the schools history
Your touchdowns and yards gained was something special to see
You leave behind a challenge for many to achieve your legacy

Danielle will miss you and the special love the two of you shared
Yet she understands that while you were here your love you declared
You taught her to love unconditionally and that so she did
As you watch over her from above her love on earth she’ll always bid

Your Father, Anthony Sr. loves you and you’ll always be his son
He prays that you’re fishing trips together; the last ones were the best
His losing you has placed his faith in God as knowing best although a test
Your Mother Refesia, shall miss you and to her you are her number one
She realizes your going home to heaven “Your Journey’s Just Begun”!

© Copyrighted June 25, 2010 by: Michael Rayford Powell
Dedicated in Tribute to: Anthony “Ray Ray” Mostella Jr. 5/10/88 – 6/13/10

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  1. You posted on another page regarding my daughter Mary Margaret (she tells Bible stories). We actually live near you in Alabama. We live about 30 min from you. What a small world!!! I wanted to tell you how much your comment meant to me. So meaningful!!! I am placing it in her baby book so she will one day realize that she is making a difference for the Lord! Thank you again for your kind comment!!!