Thursday, June 18, 2009

Americas Hero

Americas Hero

A Firefighter is a risk taker unlike most you’ll find
Wherever there is fire they rush in saving lives, yours and mine
The risks they take are horrendous yet they face it anyhow
The job they perform is unlike any yet they never stop to bow

One might ask why firemen run into danger while others runaway
It’s just because it’s in their heart to protect you night and day
Sometimes things go afoul with more danger than one can sense
It’s back drafts or a bleve that takes lives even in self defense

Firemen are our Heroes they lay their life down on the line
Firefighters are very courageous with bravery that’s hard to find
Everytime an alarm goes off they respond without second thought
Never knowing what they’ll face or what emergency is wrought

When things go wrong as sometimes it seems they do
A Brother Firefighter loses their life it’s sad without ado
Many Brothers at the station find this absence hard to accept
A family that supports him feels empty as they all shall wept

Yes, today a Firefighter put their life on the line in the job they do
Things aren’t quite the same now life adds feelings that are blue
The courage and the sacrifice a fireman gives to us each day
Losing the life of one so loyal leaves emptiness since he’s gone away

Firefighters are Americas Heroes in the many things they do
They never hesitate to respond saving lives for me and you
So, next time you see a fireman take time to shake their hand
One never knows when a firefighter will die with courage in this land!

© Copyrighted June 17, 2009 by: Michael Rayford Powell
Dedicated to: The Honor of Firemen risking their lives!

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