Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Portrait of an Angel

Portrait of an Angel

Everytime I look at her she tempts me very much
She has that awesome beauty truly an Angels touch
I love the way her hair just flows like satin as it glows
She has the most gorgeous eyes, and such a pretty nose

I love to hear her sing a voice just like a nightingale
She makes such lovely music touches hearts makes them swell
She has a generous side she shares with all she can
It’s nothing short of a luxury to be able to be her chosen fan

I met her on the Internet and never shall I regret
She’s filled to overflowing with sweetness she’ll never let you fret
How does anyone tell her how sensuous she appears indeed?
She possesses the awesome power to make ones heart just bleed

Never have I ever seen anyone to her that could quite compare
Every opportunity she gifts in her photos makes a fan just stare
Anyone that gets to know this “Portrait of an Angel” Melissa Dye
Cannot help but fall in love with her as she’s sweet as a sugar pie

I love the charming way she keeps in touch with her chosen fans
She creates such beautiful music and songs with her selected bands
She has such a feminine appearance that softens the hardest heart
Anyone that takes the time to know her falls in love at the very start!

© Copyrighted June 16, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: An Angel: Melissa Dori Dye

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