Saturday, June 20, 2009


He left for IRAQ with warm hugs and kisses we’d part
When he came back home in a casket it broke my heart
Everyone says it will get better I know how you feel
Yet this feeling of emptiness inside of me is something very real

We had our entire life planned our future was looking bright
Now I must settle with this loneliness and live many sleepless nights
We grew up together and attended the same high school
He left for war and now his absence is harsh senseless and cruel

I still recall the first time we kissed, and the first date we ever had
Losing John is something senseless and leaves me feeling sad
He was such the gentleman he’d open my car door seat me in just right
When he brought me home from dates he’d hold me closely very tight

Nobody can relate to the true relationship we shared so close
Everything about our love for each other was tender and the most
He bought my engagement ring with pains he’d pick the one I like
Even though he’s gone now, I’ll wear it morning, day and night

The place where he is buried is filled with honor military style
His death for me is filled with “Pain” and for me a lonely trial
I’ll never get over his death he was taken so suddenly away
Everything we had planned is now gone yet my love shall never stray!

© Copyrighted June 7, 2009 By: Michael Rayford Powell
Dedicated to: War, Death and Love Taken Away

It's Your Birthday

Today is your birthday Tis such a lovely thought
There’s nothing quite like you and all the fun you brought
God had a special reason in allowing you to be born
Your birth would bring such happiness removing all the scorn

How does anyone ever say to an Angel such as you?
How much you’re appreciated and loved without further ado
Everytime you smile emptiness and sadness goes away
Having you around to offer care enhances our everyday

There are no words to describe the many things for others you do
You’re presence is felt so deeply you are an Angel through and through
Each time I hear your voice in song or either in praise
I get this special feeling of the Holy Spirit it puts me in a daze

God knows you have the special gift of worship and ministry too
It warms my heart to hear you preach, I’m thankful God made you
I know you could never have known the many ways God would use you
But I’m thankful he allowed your birth it’s a blessing that is true

“It’s Your Birthday” a day that is unlike all the rest
You have such a beautiful way with words to me you are the best
It’s hard to believe a woman as beautiful as you truly are
Could ever cook the most delicious food, as to me you are a star

So, before this day gets away from us, I’d feel honored just to say
I’m thankful God gave you life and blessed us with your birthday
Please don’t ever think that you are not appreciated very much
As Laura Powell you’re something else you have a magic touch!

© Copyrighted June 17, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: Laura Powell, June 17, 2009

Gods Little Angels

God uses all of us, and usually we live life long
Some of us earn our wings sooner seems so very wrong
It’s wrong because as humans we’re selfish to a degree
Giving up our precious Angel is a loss in the first degree

God chooses some of us while we’re yet so very young
He chooses us for heaven our life a song that’s sung
Even though it’s hard to accept this loss on earth below
God has a special purpose in doing this it adds a special glow

Colby Curtin was just that type of child living here on earth
She always was such a special delight so valued is her worth
See Colby developed Vascular Cancer this wrought her so much pain
God wouldn’t allow her to carry this burden would be so very in vain

For the most part death befalls those that are mainly old
But God chooses younger ones to improve heavens mold
God selected Colby to be in heaven with him without further ado
He chose her while she’s young and beautiful to add to heavens view

As humans we find it difficult to let go of the ones we love
That’s because losing a child is like losing the purity of a dove
Realizing God must tire calling old ones to heavens fold
He but picks a rosebud (Colby Curtin) before she grows old

Believe me it is difficult to lose one so young but again we must try
The saddest words that we as humans know is the word good-bye
As now Colby departs her family that is left here on earth behind
They must realize God loves children too, as Angels are hard to find!

© Copyrighted June 20, 2009 by: Michael Rayford Powell
Dedicated to: The loss of an Angel…Colby Curtin

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Americas Hero

Americas Hero

A Firefighter is a risk taker unlike most you’ll find
Wherever there is fire they rush in saving lives, yours and mine
The risks they take are horrendous yet they face it anyhow
The job they perform is unlike any yet they never stop to bow

One might ask why firemen run into danger while others runaway
It’s just because it’s in their heart to protect you night and day
Sometimes things go afoul with more danger than one can sense
It’s back drafts or a bleve that takes lives even in self defense

Firemen are our Heroes they lay their life down on the line
Firefighters are very courageous with bravery that’s hard to find
Everytime an alarm goes off they respond without second thought
Never knowing what they’ll face or what emergency is wrought

When things go wrong as sometimes it seems they do
A Brother Firefighter loses their life it’s sad without ado
Many Brothers at the station find this absence hard to accept
A family that supports him feels empty as they all shall wept

Yes, today a Firefighter put their life on the line in the job they do
Things aren’t quite the same now life adds feelings that are blue
The courage and the sacrifice a fireman gives to us each day
Losing the life of one so loyal leaves emptiness since he’s gone away

Firefighters are Americas Heroes in the many things they do
They never hesitate to respond saving lives for me and you
So, next time you see a fireman take time to shake their hand
One never knows when a firefighter will die with courage in this land!

© Copyrighted June 17, 2009 by: Michael Rayford Powell
Dedicated to: The Honor of Firemen risking their lives!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Portrait of an Angel

Portrait of an Angel

Everytime I look at her she tempts me very much
She has that awesome beauty truly an Angels touch
I love the way her hair just flows like satin as it glows
She has the most gorgeous eyes, and such a pretty nose

I love to hear her sing a voice just like a nightingale
She makes such lovely music touches hearts makes them swell
She has a generous side she shares with all she can
It’s nothing short of a luxury to be able to be her chosen fan

I met her on the Internet and never shall I regret
She’s filled to overflowing with sweetness she’ll never let you fret
How does anyone tell her how sensuous she appears indeed?
She possesses the awesome power to make ones heart just bleed

Never have I ever seen anyone to her that could quite compare
Every opportunity she gifts in her photos makes a fan just stare
Anyone that gets to know this “Portrait of an Angel” Melissa Dye
Cannot help but fall in love with her as she’s sweet as a sugar pie

I love the charming way she keeps in touch with her chosen fans
She creates such beautiful music and songs with her selected bands
She has such a feminine appearance that softens the hardest heart
Anyone that takes the time to know her falls in love at the very start!

© Copyrighted June 16, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: An Angel: Melissa Dori Dye

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Good Pastor

The Good Pastor

What is a Pastor you may stop to ask?
How does he differ from a Shepard’s task?
A Shepard maintains a watchful eye with care
A Pastor guides his flock away from a sinful snare

A Good Shepard allows his sheep prime land to graze
While the Good Pastor defends and guides with such amaze
A Pastor like a Shepard protects with his life he’ll defend
He spends careful hours with his flock in him you can depend

A Pastor preaches, teaches, disciples with awesome patience
Just like a Shepard he watches over the flock without impatience
Like any good Shepard a Pastors there when things go wrong
He offers compassion, and prayer with a faith that’s strong

There’s times when preaching he seems to step on our toes
It’s his position to discipline with the truth that he knows
A Shepard and a Pastor depends on God for courage
They’re here to offer spiritual uplifting and not to discourage

“The Good Pastor” holds onto spiritual accountability
He’s respected, mature, and oversees with stability
Just like a Shepard a Pastor boldly manages his flock
He renders care, and keeps them from straying around the clock!

© Copyrighted March 16, 2009, by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated To: Pastor Frankie D. Powell on his Birthday (March 17th)

The Night Stalker

The Night Stalker

You’re not alone at night when riding home
Behind you on the road he follows and stalks alone
He sees you in town shopping or coming from work
He picks you out as he’s crafty and skillful not just any jerk

He makes it a practice to ride the streets searching for you
He’s a night stalker and serial killer his life is very true
He is not the regular type that you’d find to suspect
He’s a nice looking man and blends in he’s on a trek

Once he selects his next victim he stalks her to his delight
He watches her by day and stalks her late into the night
He knows her lifestyle, where she works and all her quirks
As he follows you around with the things you do, he perks

When he feels safe that he is familiar with all you condone
He waits for the one chance now that he’ll get you alone
In some cases he may even try to call you on the phone
He’s depicted when you’re accessible he’s achieved his tone

So, remember you’re never alone on the road home at night
The serial killer is stalking you for the time that’s right
This story is to warn you of a reality of the stalkers evil plight
Please stay aware of the car traveling behind you in spite

You can stop this evil ploy being delivered towards you
Stay aware of your surroundings all the time this is true
You can then avoid the destruction of this evil twisted man
By watching what you do and being safe as a woman can!

© Copyrighted January 21, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: Women unaware of men stalking them

An Endangered Species

An Endangered Species

What has happened to honor and integrity today?
Seems a large majority stretch the truth someway
Many would rather tell a white lie as it is called
Telling the truth keeps ones memory from being enthralled

Everywhere we turn words spoken is deceitful and wrong
Telling lies are a means of weakening thus lessens the strong
It grows harder each day for a person to build faith and trust
Because telling the whole truth is essential and definitely a must

In the Bible God teaches in his commandments not to lie
So many carry with them hidden lies to their grave when they die
Lying is a breakdown in the ethical surface of that in man
So instilling integrity isn’t an option if one is to take a true stand

When a preacher or teacher or political representative lies
He might as well had shot himself in the feet before he dies
Untruths harm the very fabric of those that expect the truth
As telling lies creates lack of trust and is truly so uncouth

Once you tell one lie it creates so many more to cover it up
When telling the truth matters so much more and doesn’t disrupt
Why do people choose these days to tell lies that are so abrupt?
No such thing as stretching the truth or telling white lies it’s so corrupt

Why is the truth so covert till it is “An Endangered Species” today?
Why is ethics and integrity so lacking in a world gone astray
We may lie and think we get by but we’re fooling ourselves so bad
These lies are pathetic and causes so many to end up mad or sad!

© Copyrighted May 30, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: People choosing to tell lies instead of the truth

The Departure

The Departure

I present to you our flag “Old Glory” in memory of his name
He fought upon the battlefield he wasn’t searching for any fame
He’d rather you take control of what he fought to protect
The Red, White and Blue for our freedom his life he paid the check

I’m sure he’d feel honored to see your sadness since he’s gone
I know for you, missing him, his absence feels so very wrong
We’ll agree that “The Departure” isn’t anyway something fair
Yet as a nation we’ll uphold his service, his absence is so bare

Hold your head up high young man a Marine is honored here today
In my heart I feel your pain and isn’t fair that he’s gone away
He wore his uniform with pride in the service of duty to protect
Just knowing his name you’ll carry on his honor will render dialect

“The Departure” of a man so wise and strong his memory we uphold
Nothing shall ever steal the sacrifice he made a man so very bold
I offer you this symbol of greatness and of skill he swore to claim
Remembering his duty, honor and sacrifice in service we proclaim

God be with you son as you continue to wear your Fathers name
It’s men such as he that fought for freedom so life can still sustain
Many flags such as the one handed you will fly now at half-mast
Duty to country and service to all he’s remembered forever his cast!

© Copyrighted June 2, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: The Departure of a Marine Hero



There’s no way to describe the “Sorrow” one must feel
To lose someone held closely killed on a battlefield
The personal affects worn or used by one so close
Touches a heart in all the intimate places cherished the most

Nobody can understand the grief held in a woman’s heart
The news of losing a husband, father now we’re torn apart
Their child is not old enough to understand daddy’s not coming home
While a wife, mother must spend many day and night now all alone

The life lived upon this earth was a challenge in just itself
Losing someone cherished leaves belongings now hanging on a shelf
Personal sentiments held deep within a heart never leaving behind
Now comes the personal struggle of surviving a loss that feels so blind

What does a mother, wife do when she is suddenly to face life alone?
Trying to explain to her child daddy’s gone once the child is grown
This opens up a new avenue of concern in choices a child must make
Growing up without daddy as a hero life his soul somehow did take

“Sorrow” brings on a new dimension of sadness in a woman’s life
She kept the home fires burning and busied herself in being a wife
She’s usually a wife and mother to a child that waits for Dad
“Sorrow” is a type of grief hard to live with makes one very sad!

© Copyrighted June 2, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: The Loss of a Soldier, Father and Husband