Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gods Little Angels

God uses all of us, and usually we live life long
Some of us earn our wings sooner seems so very wrong
It’s wrong because as humans we’re selfish to a degree
Giving up our precious Angel is a loss in the first degree

God chooses some of us while we’re yet so very young
He chooses us for heaven our life a song that’s sung
Even though it’s hard to accept this loss on earth below
God has a special purpose in doing this it adds a special glow

Colby Curtin was just that type of child living here on earth
She always was such a special delight so valued is her worth
See Colby developed Vascular Cancer this wrought her so much pain
God wouldn’t allow her to carry this burden would be so very in vain

For the most part death befalls those that are mainly old
But God chooses younger ones to improve heavens mold
God selected Colby to be in heaven with him without further ado
He chose her while she’s young and beautiful to add to heavens view

As humans we find it difficult to let go of the ones we love
That’s because losing a child is like losing the purity of a dove
Realizing God must tire calling old ones to heavens fold
He but picks a rosebud (Colby Curtin) before she grows old

Believe me it is difficult to lose one so young but again we must try
The saddest words that we as humans know is the word good-bye
As now Colby departs her family that is left here on earth behind
They must realize God loves children too, as Angels are hard to find!

© Copyrighted June 20, 2009 by: Michael Rayford Powell
Dedicated to: The loss of an Angel…Colby Curtin

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  1. This is beautiful Mike, and especially tender. You draw beautiful memories to house in our current reality.