Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Good Pastor

The Good Pastor

What is a Pastor you may stop to ask?
How does he differ from a Shepard’s task?
A Shepard maintains a watchful eye with care
A Pastor guides his flock away from a sinful snare

A Good Shepard allows his sheep prime land to graze
While the Good Pastor defends and guides with such amaze
A Pastor like a Shepard protects with his life he’ll defend
He spends careful hours with his flock in him you can depend

A Pastor preaches, teaches, disciples with awesome patience
Just like a Shepard he watches over the flock without impatience
Like any good Shepard a Pastors there when things go wrong
He offers compassion, and prayer with a faith that’s strong

There’s times when preaching he seems to step on our toes
It’s his position to discipline with the truth that he knows
A Shepard and a Pastor depends on God for courage
They’re here to offer spiritual uplifting and not to discourage

“The Good Pastor” holds onto spiritual accountability
He’s respected, mature, and oversees with stability
Just like a Shepard a Pastor boldly manages his flock
He renders care, and keeps them from straying around the clock!

© Copyrighted March 16, 2009, by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated To: Pastor Frankie D. Powell on his Birthday (March 17th)

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  1. A wonderful tribute to a Pastor.. They are responsible for so many people that seek advice and guidance. One that does oversee the flock, by day and by night... An excellent write Mike... Sandy