Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Departure

The Departure

I present to you our flag “Old Glory” in memory of his name
He fought upon the battlefield he wasn’t searching for any fame
He’d rather you take control of what he fought to protect
The Red, White and Blue for our freedom his life he paid the check

I’m sure he’d feel honored to see your sadness since he’s gone
I know for you, missing him, his absence feels so very wrong
We’ll agree that “The Departure” isn’t anyway something fair
Yet as a nation we’ll uphold his service, his absence is so bare

Hold your head up high young man a Marine is honored here today
In my heart I feel your pain and isn’t fair that he’s gone away
He wore his uniform with pride in the service of duty to protect
Just knowing his name you’ll carry on his honor will render dialect

“The Departure” of a man so wise and strong his memory we uphold
Nothing shall ever steal the sacrifice he made a man so very bold
I offer you this symbol of greatness and of skill he swore to claim
Remembering his duty, honor and sacrifice in service we proclaim

God be with you son as you continue to wear your Fathers name
It’s men such as he that fought for freedom so life can still sustain
Many flags such as the one handed you will fly now at half-mast
Duty to country and service to all he’s remembered forever his cast!

© Copyrighted June 2, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: The Departure of a Marine Hero

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