Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Night Stalker

The Night Stalker

You’re not alone at night when riding home
Behind you on the road he follows and stalks alone
He sees you in town shopping or coming from work
He picks you out as he’s crafty and skillful not just any jerk

He makes it a practice to ride the streets searching for you
He’s a night stalker and serial killer his life is very true
He is not the regular type that you’d find to suspect
He’s a nice looking man and blends in he’s on a trek

Once he selects his next victim he stalks her to his delight
He watches her by day and stalks her late into the night
He knows her lifestyle, where she works and all her quirks
As he follows you around with the things you do, he perks

When he feels safe that he is familiar with all you condone
He waits for the one chance now that he’ll get you alone
In some cases he may even try to call you on the phone
He’s depicted when you’re accessible he’s achieved his tone

So, remember you’re never alone on the road home at night
The serial killer is stalking you for the time that’s right
This story is to warn you of a reality of the stalkers evil plight
Please stay aware of the car traveling behind you in spite

You can stop this evil ploy being delivered towards you
Stay aware of your surroundings all the time this is true
You can then avoid the destruction of this evil twisted man
By watching what you do and being safe as a woman can!

© Copyrighted January 21, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: Women unaware of men stalking them

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  1. Mike, this is so helpful but so very fearful at the same time. Thank you for this intellectual, first hand information of how we need to be always aware of our presence.