Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Endangered Species

An Endangered Species

What has happened to honor and integrity today?
Seems a large majority stretch the truth someway
Many would rather tell a white lie as it is called
Telling the truth keeps ones memory from being enthralled

Everywhere we turn words spoken is deceitful and wrong
Telling lies are a means of weakening thus lessens the strong
It grows harder each day for a person to build faith and trust
Because telling the whole truth is essential and definitely a must

In the Bible God teaches in his commandments not to lie
So many carry with them hidden lies to their grave when they die
Lying is a breakdown in the ethical surface of that in man
So instilling integrity isn’t an option if one is to take a true stand

When a preacher or teacher or political representative lies
He might as well had shot himself in the feet before he dies
Untruths harm the very fabric of those that expect the truth
As telling lies creates lack of trust and is truly so uncouth

Once you tell one lie it creates so many more to cover it up
When telling the truth matters so much more and doesn’t disrupt
Why do people choose these days to tell lies that are so abrupt?
No such thing as stretching the truth or telling white lies it’s so corrupt

Why is the truth so covert till it is “An Endangered Species” today?
Why is ethics and integrity so lacking in a world gone astray
We may lie and think we get by but we’re fooling ourselves so bad
These lies are pathetic and causes so many to end up mad or sad!

© Copyrighted May 30, 2009 by: Michael R. Powell
Dedicated to: People choosing to tell lies instead of the truth

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